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DMC-12 EV Is The Electric Card Of DeLorean For 2013

Electric vehicles are definitely the answer of today’s pollution, DeLorean already have the electric car for 2013, and that is the DMC-12 EV.

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Australia Electric Car Charging Station Project

Because of Australia’s vision of developing and electric vehicle recharging network, I can see some solid use of an electric vehicle by 2012. People don’t need to worry anymore if they will be out of power because there will already be a network of recharging station for them to use and charge their cars. The project will be done in with the US firm Better Place, Australian power company AGL, and investors Macquire Capital Group who will be working out together to make to project possible. I am excited for this project to com into reality, for using an electric vehicle can be a big saving from gas and a big help to keep the environment air pollution free.

australia electric car charger

Source : BetterPlace via EcoWorldly

Electric Mini Cooper Coming in 2009

Gas prices in the market are really high, that’s why car manufacturers did not stop developing a car that will serve as an alternative on our current model that slurp large amount of gases daily. Just like the new all MINI Cooper electric car by BMW. This car is in compliance to California’s strict emission regulations, wherein car manufacturers are required to build and release zero emission vehicles in the state.

This new MINI Cooper electric car will let people save a lot, for they will not be purchasing the ever high priced gases anymore. However, its sad to know that BMW will only release a limited number of these electric cars.

electric mini cooper 2009

electric mini cooper 2009

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Solar Bug Electric Car

Pride of Bozeman, Montana, after half a year, Steve Titus has finally done with his SolarBug electric car. A homemade electric car takes an ATV, and slaps on some solar panels. This electric car saves us on fuel and saves our mother earth as well. This cute little car works the same as the normal and larger car does. Its solar panels will now collect solar energy that made the car work. If we want to save our nature without suffering quality, I think it is now the right time to use an electric car. It might be smaller than the normal but still its function is the same.

solar bug electric car

Source : SolarBug via AutoBlogGreen

Tesla Roadster, Fully Electric Car Goes Into Production

Another great news for electric car lovers, zero-emission Tesla Roadster has announced that its electric sportscar has started a regular production. Which mean, soon, you’ll be able to drive electric sports car that have perfomance 210+mile range between battery charges. Very exciting indeed, especially with the price tag under US$100,000/car, you can also start your reservation for 2009 model.

tesla roadster full electric car

tesla roadster full electric car into production

tesla roadster full electric car concept now into production

tesla roadster full electric car

From : TeslaMotors

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