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Enoki Rome Ecocity: OFL Architecture’s Sustainable Project

Designing and eco-friendly structure requires a lot of courage, inspiration, and love for the environment. Claimed to be eco-friendly and sustainable, the Enoki Rome Ecocity by the OFL Architecture is a sustainable project that is installed above Rome. The Enoki is a 150 stories structure that has self-contained small cities. Residences, commercial spaces, green areas, and more can also be found in this uniquely shaped architecture. What made this structure questionable for being sustainable and eco-friendly is the use of steel diamond-shaped panels and structure made of steel and glass, which both requires huge amount of gas to produce these materials. The use of flying shuttles to transfer residents from one level to another is another carbon footprint – producing machine to use, thus not favorable to the environment as well. However, if the makers of this structure opt to use recycled materials or energy saving household items, then, the Enoki Rome Ecocity will be of no doubt and eco-friendly structure.

Enoki Rome Ecocity

Enoki Rome Ecocity

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