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CHARCUTERIE BOARDS: An Eco-friendly Elegant Cutting Board Design

Cutting boards are part of our cooking life, thus, it need to be clean and safe at all times. Sometimes producing high-end products can cause harm to the environment. Good thing many of the designers nowadays are becoming aware of the environment and the growing cost of living and produce earth friendly and cost-effective products. The Charcuterie Boards by Geoffrey Lilge is an elegant cutting board manufactured by hand, made from solid FSC-certified maple and walnut, and finished with natural oil and beeswax, which are known to be organic and eco-friendly source of material. In addition, the Charcuterie Boards comes in different shapes, which surely will add color to your cooking.

charcuterie boards

charcuterie boards

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Eco Design Light Fixtures by Propellor Design

Beautiful light fixtures with modern design and environmentally friendly materials from Propellor Design studio, Vancouver. Another element to make your house more eco friendly with fixture made of Teragren bamboo (contributes toward LEED certification), 100 percent pure walnut oil finish, and a canopy of upcycle-able aluminum, finished with natural linseed oil and beeswax. Hang it on your ceiling to get perfect illumination.

eco design light fixtures

eco design light fixtures by propellor design

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