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Charcoal Ball – The Natural Way of Deodorizing

Odors can smell bad or good and deodorizing the bad ones normally requires some strong smelled deodorizer, which is generally not good for our health. However, we can now deodorize without suffering to smell those deodorizer that smells strong and irritates our nose. The charcoal ball is what I am talking about. It has the ability to naturally deodorize your place without any counter smell. It is super natural and Eco friendly as well because you don’t need to buy those chemically processed deodorizer that will costs us a lot. With the charcoal ball, you only not save money but the earth from harming it.

Charcoal Ball

Source: Fitzsu

Drops: An Eco-friendly Vases

How I wish I can be as artistic those designers who were able to create one great artistic, modern and useful item out of recycled items. The Drops is just a few of the products I truly admire. This one of a kind drop shaped vases are made of recycled paper and sand. They all come in different sizes and colors, thus you can easily find one that will fit your home interiors. The best part of it is that, the Drops are waterproof. Adding to the elegant look of the vases is the mahogany cut offs that are waxed and polished.


Source: Ceylon Paper Pottery

The Flying Bike Concept Will Soon Let You Soar High Sustainably

Soaring high requires ample supply of gas but not anymore when Flying Bike Concept will come into fruition. As its name suggests, the concept allows the users to set it in bicycle mode and air-cushion vehicle mode. With a total performance of 50 kW, the bike has 4 main motors of 10kW placed in opposite with each other at the front and back part of the bike. It also has 3 stabilization motors of 3.5 kW placed on the revolving consoles located at the sides of the bike.

Flying Bike Concept
Flying Bike Concept

The propellers, especially the main propeller measures 1300 mm in diameter and features a maximum revs of 2500 per minute. The stabilization propeller on the other hand has a diameter of 650 mm. The Flying Bike Concept is an eco-friendly vehicle concept. It uses a set of Li-Pol accumulators with a total capacity of 50 Ah. Flying this eco-friendly and multi-functional bike will definitely be easy and comfortable with its welded light alloy made frame. With a supposed flight time of 3 to 5 minutes and a riding time of 30-50 minutes, owning this bike concept will surely lets you enjoy the aerial view at a cheaper cost. The Flying Bike Concept weighs 85 kilograms without a pilot and features a flight weight of up to 170 kilograms.

Flying Bike Concept
Flying Bike Concept
Flying Bike Concept
Flying Bike Concept
Flying Bike Concept

From : DesignYourDreams

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