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See Thru Solar Panels: A Stylish Equivalent To Tinted Glasses

Installing tinted glasses is a common thing to people who want their contemporary home to have a classy and elegant look. However, with the growth of people who want to help save the environment, the installation of solar panels became popular. Today, with Suntech’s See Thru solar panels, enjoying the elegance of a see thru tinted glass can already be enjoyed while helping save the environment as well. like any other solar panels, the see thru also absorbs heat and is a lot more as compared to low-e glass. Aside from the eco-friendly purpose it has, the See Thru solar panels of Suntech’s tinted glass look adds up to the beauty of your home.

See Thru Solar Panels

See Thru Solar Panels

See Thru Solar Panels

Source: Suntech

Paper Lantern Light by Inga Sempe for Artecnica

Paper has various uses, but I never thought it could be an elegant paper lantern. Inga Sempe has created a new impression on papers through the designer’s Double Stray Lights, designed for Artecnica. When this flat packed item arrived in your hands, you do not have to assemble it to use. Just simply unfold the accordion-like Double Stray to light up its interiors with elegance. This Double Stray light from Inga Sempe, is not just simply a lamp that lights up at night. It’s sophisticated design adds up the beauty of every home even during the day when they are unlit.

flatpack double stray light

flatpack double stray light

flatpack double stray light

flatpack double stray light

via Inhabitat

Bentley Continental DC Electric Racing Car

Bentley goes green with its soap box shaped electric racing car. Don’t be fooled by the look, this “Continental DC” can hit 40 mph under its own power. Naturally, the cockpit is trimmed in supple hide and Alcantara faux suede with contrasting diamond stitching. It is a Bentley, after all.

From here, the littlest Bentley and the Greenpower Team is set to compete in the upcoming Formula 24+ season, which consists of eight 90-minute endurance races, the last one at Goodwood. The series is sort of an IROC for EVs, requiring all competing cars to use identical 24-volt electric motors powered by two 12-volt batteries. Racers must be between the ages of 16 and 24.

bentley racing car

bentley electric racing car

bentley racing electric car

Source : BentleyGreenPower via Wired

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