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Urban Individual Car Concept with Personality

As the time goes by, our spaces are getting smaller and smaller. As this thing happens, people are being more closed and restricted. Because of this, people need to be more transparent and sociable. However, this might be impossible because cars for today’s designs make the people become isolated with their surroundings. A new personal transportation concept is designed by Mihai Stamati with transparency and will promote communication to the community. It’s design might be simple but has the personality that will attract people from using. Design for urban transport, this new car concept is perfect for people who love contemporary designs.

personal transportation concept

personal transportation concept

Has-Bin By Amanda Duran

Sample carpets are supposed to be destined to our landfills. However, University of Texas student Amanda Duran created the Has-Bin that extended the life of sample carpets. Has-Bin is a recycling bin that is made using a recycled carpet. To remind the people about the importance of recycling and its impact to the environment, Amanda has used a color that has an association with nature. With the creation of Has-Bin people can now easily put together all their recyclable items using this ultra eco-friendly bin. These items will not only minimize landfills, but also will made people aware about recycling and its effect to the environment and to them.

Has Bin

Source: Ample Sample

Save The Environment And Use Mighty Bright Orchestra Light

With the huge change of the climate, many of us are now starting to do something to keep the environment safe and the use of Mighty Bright Orchestra Light is just one of the small and simple yet effective ways of keeping the environment safe. In this way, we can also help prevent climate change. The light comes with 9 pieces of eco-friendly LED allowing it to illuminate up to four pages of sheet music and because of it, you can play your favorite music continuously without stopping just to turn the pages. Changing brightness levels of the light is very easy because it has the easy access power switch. In addition, the light will also allow you to perform without distracting your audience because of its integrated fin. [Click Here to know more about Mighty Bright Orchestra Light]

Mighty Bright Orchestra Light

Mighty Bright Orchestra Light

Using the light in remote areas is not a problem at all because this eco-friendly LED light will work on both AC adapter and AA battery power sources. On the other hand, performing onstage with AC adapter located far from where you will perform is not a problem too because this eco-friendly orchestra light features an extra long power cord that measures 13 feet or 4 meters long. Buy your Mighty Bright Orchestra Light now and start giving lovely music to your audience with care to the environment. [Click Here to know more about Mighty Bright Orchestra Light]

Mighty Bright Orchestra Light

Mighty Bright Orchestra Light

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