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Shop, Save And Enjoy With Jute Beach Wedding Gift Tote Bag

With the current unusual weather we are experiencing, many are saying that it is global warming and that we should start living the eco-friendly life, thus Jute Beach Wedding Gift Tote Bag can be a great addition to your collection of ecobags. Made of Jute also known as burlap, this Tote bag from CarryGreen is an 100% eco-friendly organic fabric bag. With that said, you are already on your way to saving the environment. Because it is a tote bag measuring 17.5 inches in width by 12.5 inches in height by 5 inches gusset, this jute bag is perfect to bring along with you when shopping.

Jute Beach Wedding Gift Tote Bag

Jute Beach Wedding Gift Tote Bag

It would be large enough to carry your items from grocery to vegetables to your favorite garments. Another thing you would love about this bag and would surely enjoy so much is the ability to reuse it in the future. You need not to buy new set of bags or use those harmful plastic bags. Because it is a fabric bag, you just have to wash it with your desired soap and viola! you can already reuse the bag for shopping like new. The bag also has the trendy look with its round cane handles making it a perfect gift to your loved ones for various occasions like wedding, birthday, and more. Jute Beach Wedding Gift Tote Bag is also perfect for beach bag as container of your beach items. You need not to worry of it getting wet or dirty with beach sands because it is washable.

Click Here to learn more about Jute Beach Wedding Gift Tote Bag and start enjoying its beauty while keeping the environment safe as you save your pennies frog buying new set of shopping bags when shopping.

Gardener’s Revolution Tomato Garden Kit Features Self-Watering System and Optimal Tomato Production

Planning to begin gardening? You might want to try with this all-in-one Gardener’s Revolution Tomato Garden Kit, the company promises it can grow 35% more tomatoes for you to enjoy. It is so satisfied when you can consume fruits and veggies from your own garden, but when you live in the cities with no land, that can be a problem. This planter combines 3 innovations to make sure you can enjoy a big harvest of organic tomatoes, each unit comes with 1 Tomato Planter, 20qts. premium organic self-watering potting mix, and 1 lb. of organic tomato fertilizer. The self-watering system provides steady supply of moisture which is necessary for optimal tomato production, the container growing eliminates any weeding and soil-borne diseases.

Gardener's Revolution Tomato Garden

Gardener's Revolution Tomato Garden

Successful plants start in the roots, don’t you agree? The perforated planter with honeycomb ventilation, together with lightweight Grow Bag liner air-prune roots, they make sure a dense, vigorous root system can take up more water as well as nutrients. This is what needed to grow super productive plant. This unit is garden tested, complete organic kit, all you need to do is add a tomato plant. You can also add casters at the base to make the planter easier to move, unfortunately, they are sold separately.

Gardener’s Revolution Tomato Garden Kit promises proper watering is guaranteed thanks to Dual-Hydrate Watering System that draws water from reservoir (can hold up to 1-1/2 gallons of water) into the soil, you don’t have to worry about over or under watering due to an evaporative grid plus capillary strip. As the plant grows, you can slide those 5 Snap-Lock Rings up and down the aluminum spine, they’ll be a perfect support for your plant to grow, open and reattach those rings to gather up wayward stems.

Gardener's Revolution Tomato Garden

Gardener's Revolution Tomato Garden

Gardener's Revolution Tomato Garden

Gardener's Revolution Tomato Garden

From : Gardeners [Buy It Here]

Pencil Shavings Necklace: Fashionably Trendy While Being Eco-friendly

When shaving our pencils, we normally do it right on top of our garbage bin or we use sharpeners with shaving container and discard the shavings to our bins every once in a while. If all of us in this world are doing this, our landfills will surely be filled with trash like pencil shavings. We can easily minimize the growth of landfills and give our pencil shavings a new life by patronizing eco-friendly products like the Pencil Shavings Necklace, which is obviously a product, made of supposedly discarded pencil shavings. It looks so cute and fashionable. I just hope it will not be itchy on the skin.

Pencil Shavings Necklace

Source: Victoria Mason via Design Milk

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