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Urth Bag:Hip, Eco-Friendly Purses Made From Recycled Materials

Another Eco Friendly products presented to Igreenspot by Monica Ralli from UrthBags.

From UrthBags:
UrthBags, a Hip, Innovative Eco-Friendly Purse Company Brings Green Handbag Line to retail locations nationwide.
In the high fashion world of glitz and glamor it is the little things that take the mundane to the cutting edge of style. Even a pair of faded jeans can become haute couture when just the right purse is added. Now imagine that purse is Eco-friendly, made from recycled materials. Enter the era of Eco-Chic.UrthBags, is leading the way with innovative, stylish and planet-friendly purses. Their purses, made from recycled juice cartons, seashells, fashion magazines and other unusual materials, are hip, whimsical, smart and green.UrthBags offers a large variety of durable, yet fashionable purses, handbags & totes that will have everyone tossing their dull and dated bags over for these fresh new designs with smart names like Angelina, Jennifer & Skye that helps gives each UrthBag an instant personality of it’s own.UrthBags are one of a kind, hand-made clutches, classic everyday handbags & functional, fun totes that will stand out in any crowd and make you the center of attention. So unique and enticing are these soft and pliable visions of fantasy any woman will feel ready for whatever the day (or evening) may bring.

Eco-friendly does not mean bland, generic or boring. Internationally, major department stores and boutiques are beginning to understand the importance of Eco-friendly lines. They realize they must incorporate green into their collections. It is no longer acceptable to use exotic materials that cause harm to the environment.

UrthBags brings over 50 fresh, lively designs, each hand-crafted and assembled world-wide by local women’s groups and artisans. They are not only a fashion statement utilizing recycled materials but a testimony to the fact green can be beautiful. Are you ready for Eco-Chic?

Urth Bag

Urth Bag

Urth Bag

From: Urth Bags

Eco-trans: Transporting People The Eco-friendly Way

The development of eco-friendly transportation means continues and their looks continues to evolve. The eco-trans by Gopendra Singh is an eco-friendly transportation tool that produces zero emission, for it is a human powered vehicle. The said bicycle has the sleek futuristic look and it will surely be a head turner the moment it hits the road. I just hope that with the futuristic look it got, the comfort will still be there. Zero emission vehicles like this can save our planet from being polluted and it will help make the earth a desirable and safe place to live. It would be great if the materials use in this eco-trans are recycled.



From: Gopendra Singh

Recycled Oil Barrel Cabinet: Stores Your Items With Care To The Environment

Oil is of no doubt one of the most used commodity around the globe producing so a huge number of empty barrels that are sometimes destined to landfills. Barrels are generally recyclable however, oil can do harm to people who will use the recycled barrel but this will not and will never be a case with recycled oil barrel cabinet. Designed by Lockengloet design, the recycled oil barrel will be your stylish and useful cabinet to hold your items in style while keeping the environment safe. Each of the barrels is painted and the barrels are available in different colors allowing users to find for one that suits best in their interior design.

Recycled Oil Barrel Cabinet

Recycled Oil Barrel Cabinet

Via: Limitsizenerji

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