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Merry Christmas iGreenSpot Readers!

“One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas day. Don’t clean it up too quickly” – Andy Rooney

Merry Christmas

Have an Eco Labeled Table with the Amazonas Table

Inspired by the Amazon rainforest with three crown creating a dense ceiling, designer Eero Koivisto had created the Amazonas table. This environment friendly table is made of 100 percent recyclable materials, paints used for the table is environment friendly and the steel used in the table is about 20 percent recyclable. With the eco-friendly materials used for the Amazonas table, there is no doubt why it had gained The Swan Nordic Ecolabel. What made the table even more eco-friendly is that, a part of the sales of every table goes to a project to save the rain forest, which is truly a good way of saving the environment.

Amazonas Table

Amazonas Table

Source: Offecct

Get Fashionable Jewelries From Recycled Glass

Broken glasses, or emptied bottles are supposed to be trashed and added to our landfill. Obviously, this is not an eco-friendly act. In order to stop this wrongdoing, we can make us of this glasses like what Loot did. They have created fashionable jewelries out of reclaimed glass. Looking at the photos, you will not thing that they are made from recycled glass because they looked very awesome. If each one of us will do the same, landfills will be minimized and it will be less harmful to the environment. In addition, you will also get to save huge amount of money, for these jewelries are very affordable. If you are artistic enough, you can even create your own.

Recycled Glass Jewelry

Source: Loot via Great Green Goods

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