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Cut Your Monthly Power Bill with Solar Motion-Activated LED Light

Take the advantage of saving on your monthly power bill by installing the motion-activated wedge LED light in your homes. It can easily detect motion up to 25 feet, and can activate up to 300 times when fully charged. Installing is never a problem with this LED light, because it an easily be installed on any flat surfaces. When installing the light, one must have to make sure that it gets direct sunlight during the day so that it can have the right amount of energy to use during the night. One greater thing about it is that it has 3 rechargeable AA batteries included in the package. [Click here for more details about EarthTechProducts]

solar motion activated led light

Fuego: An Eco-friendly Patio Lamp

Stargazing alone or with friends, family member or with your partner is relaxing. Other than that, staying outdoor at night can be warm with the help of elegant and stylish outdoor lighting system like the Fuego. You might be wondering what the Fuego is doing in iGreenSpot. Well, for the benefit of everybody, the Fuego is not just an elegant outdoor or patio lamp but is an elegant one. This one of a kind lamp uses bio-ethanol to produce warm and relaxing flame. We all know that bio-ethanol is produce with lesser impact to the environment, thus using it will reduce our carbon footprint and thus, help save the environment.

Fuego Patio Lamp

Fuego Patio Lamp

Fuego Patio Lamp

Source: FUEGO

Germoir Packaging by Catherine Bourdon

Germoir is an excellent and earth friendly project by Catherine Bourdon. An envelope serves as a packaging that follows and assists the stages of life of a plant, and later transforms itself into a germinator. The envelope includes the dirt and the plant’s seeds, and when the plants started to grow, it can now be placed on the ground with the box, wherein the box also started to disintegrate and eventually feed the plants. This project is a good substitute for nursing plants instead of using the plastic bags that will take years before it disintegrates. This project is perfect for farms and plant nurseries.

germoir packaging

germoir packaging

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