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Treat Your Kids With A Safe And Eco-friendly Toys, The Plan Toys Dollhouse Tree House

A dollhouse is one of the classic and the most favorite toy of kids especially the girls. To complete their fantasy while keeping the environment safe, you can give them the Plan Toys Dollhouse Tree House. The dollhouse will make your kids feel like having their own world as an adult.

The dollhouse set has table, two chairs, bucket, rope ladder, swing, and two figures. With these inclusions in the set, it looks like your kids will have a fun experience of being like living in the woods.

The dollhouse tree house claims to be an eco-friendly toy for your tots. It has the renewable design features like the passive solar panels on its roof and a wind turbine incorporated. It also has the eco-friendly green plant bio facade to achieve a perfect temperature for the dollhouse the whole year round. The white canopy is also included where your child can pull down to allow natural sunlight and wind flow through this lovely dollhouse.[Click here to get more details about Plan Toys Dollhouse Tree House]

Plan Toys Dollhouse Tree House

The fantasy-themed dollhouse is made of safe and eco-friendly material, wood. The said dollhouse tree house is highly recommended for kids ages 3 and up and has the simple structure that can split into three levels, which your kids will definitely enjoy. If not pulled down, the canopy will serve as the table and chairs’ cover. The Plan Toys Dollhouse Tree House has a dimension of 14.9 x 3.39 x 22.44 inches, just right enough to be one of your kids’ fun, safe, and eco-friendly type of toy.[Click here to get more details about Plan Toys Dollhouse Tree House]

Recycled Bike Wheel Clock

If you think that your old aluminum bike wheels have no use at all and planed to discard it, then you must think a million times first before sending it to your local landfills. A clock master from Charlottesville will turn your old bike wheel into a trendy and useful clock. One of his great work is the recycled bike wheel clock. An old aluminum bike wheel is directly mounted into the wall. The hub with a hollow wall anchor makes the clock looks like hanging on the wall. The maker of this clock is proud to say that the clock movement is a high torque German quartz movement. With a measurement of 22 ¾ inches in diameter, the clock runs on a single AA battery.

Recycled Bike Wheel Clock

Recycled Bike Wheel Clock

Source: Etsy

Lifewall: A Modular Vertical Garden

Plants generally cleanse the air naturally and with the aim to have fresh air inside a home or structure; people normally set a vertical garden, which is obviously a hard thing to do. Today with the help of architect Emilio Llobat from Maqla Architects, Azahar Energy, and Ceracasa’s Lifewall, a modular vertical garden, having a vertical garden has never been easy. Each tile of the wall measures 1 square meter and has the ability to accommodate enough number of plants. Aside from the plants, the lifewall’s tiles also has the ability to enhance the air quality because it works in union the Bionictile, a porcelain tile that take advantage of the sun’s UV rays in breaking down the air’s nitrous oxide. When the two tiles work together, the Bionictile turns NOX into a fertilizer, which then the other tiles with the plants that increases the air quality of its surroundings do use.



Source: Ceracasa via Inhabitat

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