Piezoelectric Shower: An Eco-shower That Needs No Electricity To Heat Water

Warm bath is everybody favorite to rejuvenate and unwind. In order to have a good warm bath, one should have a water heater at home that will obviously use lots of electricity. With the aim to save on energy usage and the environment as well, designers Wiemann, Stelmasuk, Jansson, and Piza, the Piezoelectric Shower is created. The Piezoelectric shower uses no electricity to keep the water warm and power a waterproof touchscreen display, but instead, it uses energy from the running water. Aside from the eco-friendly is adopt in warming water, the Piezoelectric Shower’s touchscreen display shows the water pressure, time consumed inside the shower, and the amount of water used, thus making you aware of your length of stay inside the shower room and the amount of water used. Therefore, you will immediately monitor your water usage giving you the chance to save on water whilst you continue to live a stylish yet eco-friendly lifestyle.

Piezoelectric Shower

Piezoelectric Shower

Piezoelectric Shower

Piezoelectric Shower

Piezoelectric Shower

Piezoelectric Shower

Source: Piezoelectric Shower via Ecofriend


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