O3: The Product We Do Not Want To Have

If we continue not to care for our environment, lack of oxygen supply would probably happen in the future and we do not want that to happen. However, if the worst scenario will be inevitable to come, DesignAffairs Studio have designed a product called o3 that we definitely do not want to own, but will help us if we really do not have a choice. The main message of the product is to remind people in keeping our environment clean and safe from all means of harm or hazards.

From DesignAffairs Studio:

The most recent catastrophes and (un)natural phenomena are a sign of Nature´s call for serious changes in the way we live. From common citizen to leaders we are all asked to live, work and behave in a more sustainable and responsible way. If we don´t, what can we expect of the future on our Planet?

What if pollution levels in the future will demand artificial production and distribution of oxygen? What if you don´t only have to do your grocery shopping, but you´d also have to get your daily oxygen supply? What if instead of a news app on your mobile device you have an oxygen level tracking app?

o3 is a personal survival oxygen unit with a wicked message: the urgency and seriousness to rethink and react; o3 is the product you don´t want to need!

To spread this message we created a future scenario to make you think about it!

If we´ll reach such a scenario, we designed o3 being a personal unit for your daily oxygen supply. The mouthpiece is easy to carry and individual. The oxygen is provided by compressed oxygen refill units which can be exchanged at your local oxygen supplier.
By twisting the refill unit you can adjust the membrane to your lips and control oxygen flow.

o3 is a solution for an extreme situation; o3 is the product you don´t want to have!

o3 Oxygen Supply

o3 Oxygen Supply

o3 Oxygen Supply

o3 Oxygen Supply

o3 Oxygen Supply

o3 Oxygen Supply

o3 Oxygen Supply

o3 Oxygen Supply

o3 Oxygen Supply

Source: DesignAffairs Studio


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