NOKERO: The Solar Light Bulb For Developing Countries

In developing countries, many of them are still using the kerosene-powered lanterns, which are obviously harmful to the environment and is a threat to the user’s safety. With the aim to help the developing countries enjoy the bright lights people in the urban areas have, the NOKERO light bulb is made. As the name suggest, the NOKERO light bulb will keep the users free from using Kerosene because it will then be powered by solar power with the help of the 4 installed solar panels. Designed to help the developing countries like India and Africa, the NOKERO will be able to provide four hours of light at night when fully charged.

Aside from being eco-friendly, the NOKERO also has the look as elegant as those commercial light bulbs that we see in the market today. With safety hooks for hanging and being rainproof, the NOKERO is also an ideal lamp outdoor.








Source: NOKERO via The Designblog


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