Nikki Sofa By Rabih Hage

Normally when see wonderful and beautifully upholstered sofa it is made of first hand materials. With the Nikki Sofa by Rabih Hage, it is the opposite. The Nikki Sofa is a great and stylish sofa that is totally made of recycled materials. To create something new, the designer uses some pre-existing pieces, reused it and has its beauty revealed. He then uses the torn sail from sail makers for the sofa’s stylish and artistic upholstery. Instead of seeing these junk materials in our landfills, Rabih have saves it from causing our landfills to continue grow and made their lives have a new meaning and purpose.

Nikki Sofa

Nikki Sofa

Nikki Sofa

Source: Rabih Hage via Designboom


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  • This is a proof that Recycled materials are not just trash, you can make new things out of it too. The sofa looks really simple but stylish, and comfortable too.

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