Learning From Nature Pavilion By 3XN Architects

To an answer Louisiana Museum of Modern Art’s invitation for the green architecture for the future exhibition, 3XN architects created the Learning from Nature Pavilion using biodegradable and energy-generating materials. In this project, the architects uses biological and reusable materials like the bio composite from flax fibers cast in bioligal resin, cork sheets, 1mm flexile solar cell for the pavilions top face. It also has the ability to generate electricity from the eight of the visitors through its piezoelectric materials, which made this pavilion a self-sufficient structure. The green feature does not end here because its surfaces are also self-cleaning through its nanoparticles coating.

Learning From Nature Pavilion

Learning From Nature Pavilion

Learning From Nature Pavilion

Learning From Nature Pavilion

Source: 3XN Architects via Designboom


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