Hanham Eco-Village By HTA Architects

UK will soon be building 195 zero carbon homes by the end of this year with the first homes expected to be completed by 2010. Developed by HTA Architects, the Hanham Hall Eco Village can be the largest eco-friendly village in UK, as it occupies 6.6 hectare of space. This former hospital in Bristol will be renovated and refurbished and transform it into a community center. The 195 homes will be built using energy efficient materials that are recycled from the existing buildings in the site. Aside from the sustainable materials, an onsite biomass CHP plant will power all of the 195 homes to promote eco-lifestyle.

Hanham Hall Eco Village

Hanham Hall Eco Village

Hanham Hall Eco Village

Hanham Hall Eco Village

Hanham Hall Eco Village

Hanham Hall Eco Village

Source: via The Architects’ Journal


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  • i love your work its sooo gay, it makes me happy. x

  • They must have worked really hard to make those houses look so awful, and to cram them into such a tiny space, so nobody actually has a FRONT garden, and no doubt has a back garden the size of a postage stamp. After all, we can't have people having their OWN private space to live in, can we? What a ridiculous joke this 'eco' village is.

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