Creative Recycled PET Bottles

Pet bottles are now commonly used in almost all of our drinking water, soda, energy drinks, juices and more. However, recycling them never come into our minds. After drinking our favorite drinks, we normally throw it and care nothing about it anymore. Various ways of recycling is now being introduced by recycline. If you got to look at the pictures, no one would ever imagine that a used PET bottle can be this beautiful when recycled and designed. I love to see products like this. The zeitungshalter look so nice, for it will keep your magazines and newspapers in order. The vase also looks nice and the coin bank’s design is exceptionally nice.

Recycled PET

Recycled PET

Recycled PET

Recycled PET

Recycled PET

Recycled PET

Recycled PET

Source: Recycline via Noquedanblogs


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  • ideas are great!let us encourage more reuse of plastic than recycling!let us encourage judicious use of all the natural resources.
    keep up the good work!

  • Love your designs and ideas. if we can't reduce plastic waste, the next best option is re-use which is exactly what you're doing….. Please keep sharing as I'm always looking for new ways to reuse plastic.

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