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Extend Your Mac Laptop’s Battery Life Up to 6 to 10 Hours with Apple Juicz

It is amazing to hear that a product that will allow to charge up your laptop even when in use. And not just that, because the battery life of your laptop will be extended up to 6-10 hours. The product that made all these wonderful things possible is the apple juicz. Perfect for your Macbook, nacbook pro, and macbook air, the juicz has the capacity to give a total of 12 to 16 battery life. If your stock macbook air recharges for four hours with the use of an AC wall adapter, the juicz will only do it for three hours. The juicz has solar panels that will collect energy from the sun.

apple juicz solar power for mac laptop

[ProductPage] via AlternativeConsumer

Fabrik Keeps Your Hard Drive Green

It’s nice to know that even the computer peripherals are now becoming earth friendly. Just like what Fabrik has created. He had designed Fabrik’s Simple Tech Turbo. It is a hard drive designed with rippled side to disperse heat and will eventually terminate the need of a fan. Fabrik’s simple tech turbo is made from a recycled aluminum and bamboo. This hard drive will surely be a hit in the market, since most of our fellowmen are already earth conscious nowadays. I would love to own one once available in our market. This will save energy and will save the earth.

fabrik green hard drive

Source : Fabrik via Core77

Dell Goes Hybrid with Its New Dell Studio Hybrid Desktop

Being hippie and earth friendly is now easy to achieve. If think being earth friend will sacrifice your chance of being hippie, you are wrong. With Dell Studio Hybrid Mini-PC is the hippest and the coolest PC I have ever seen. This mini-pc is perfect for homes and colleges with minimal space. The Dell Mini-Pc is 80 percent smaller than the standard desktop and uses 70 percent less power. In addition to that, the Dell Mini-Pcʼs packaging is 95 percent recyclable, plus a system recycling kit is also included in the features of this Mini-Pc from Dell. Now who would say that being hippie and earth friendly is not possible?

dell studio hybrid desktop pc

dell studio hybrid desktop pc

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Know How You Feel Today Thru Your FuChat Phone

How is it going to have a unique phone in your home with the same function as your regular phones? The FuChat is what I am talking about. It is an eco-friendly phone made of biodegradable plastic and aluminum for the inner frame, for added durability. This phone can sense somebodyʼs feeling by changing its display, text, sound, lights, and color of the phone, when the phone detects some change of emotion or body temperature of the user. This phone is perfect for people that need to have some anger management. The FuChat, designed by D-Link, will help them remind of how they are feeling today thru the phone appearance and display. The FuChat can receive and makes call like the ordinary normal phones. Isn’t it amazing to have a phone that will tell you how you feel today?

fuchat green concept phone

fuchat green concept phone

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Be Creative, Turn Your Electronic Garbage to Robotic Figures

All of us think that when our electronic gadgets malfunctioned, we can do nothing on its parts but throw it all away. That is what Ann P. Smith is trying to prove. By making little robotic like figurines made of broken electronic and machine parts, Ann was able to show us that, even broken parts and pieces have their own value. Because of her creations, Ann was featured in various magazines from around the world. A graduate from Rhode Island School of Design, Ann P. Smith was able to express her creativity and style and at the same time being earth friendly using recycled materials.

robot owl from electronic gadgets

Cool Yourself with Solar Mini Clip Fan

Fans needs to be plugged in order to function and will give you some air. However, power plug are not available when you are outside. To Solar Mini Clip Fan will solve this problem for you. It is a solar powered mini fan. Perfect for people who are constantly away from a power plug and in a poor ventilated area. The solar Mini Clip might be of big help. However, I find it very tiny and I am worried that it cannot give me the right amount of air I need. Other than that, the solar mini clip looks totally cute and fun to use.

solar mini fan clip

solar mini fan clip

[ProductPage] via LikeCool

Eneloop Sanyo Solar Cell Charger N-SC1S

Save on energy using Sanyo’s solar cell charger. Designed to charge eneloop batteries, it allows them to be used up to approximately 1,000 times. The solar energy charger will collect solar energy through its panel surface and will charge in the internal lithium-ion battery. After passing through the lithium-ion battery of the charger, it will now immediately be transferred to eneloop batteries or external electronic equipment using a USB terminal. Another great feature of this solar charger is that, the panel surface’s angle can be changed to adjust according to the sun’s position, which made it possible to gather energy anytime of the day.

enloop solar charger N-SC1S

via BusinessWeek

Get Tri-solar LED flashlight if One is Not Enough

Don’t ever walk in the dark ever, or find your thing no harder already because tri-solar LED flashlight is already here to light up your ways. This is not just like the traditional flashlight we are using because it has three panels that made your flashlight works even better. However each cell can be used alone too, but its better the three of them are used together in one. Tri-solar LED flashlight has a built-in 700mAh/4.8v Ni-Hi rechargeable battery, LED lighting with 1 LED on, 3 Leds on, and 3 Leds flashing. It also has monocrystal silicon PV solar panel, and a built-in DC port for charging other devices like mobile phone. [ProductPage]

tri solar LED flash light

tri solar LED flash light

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PolyFuel T40 Green Laptop Prototype in Partnership with Lenovo

It is nice to know the technology makers are now considering of manufacturing an earth friendly products. Just like this new concept from PolyFuel in partnership with Lenovo. They have just recently announced about their working prototype for a Lenovo T40. The prototype uses a direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC), in which the methanol is converted into an electricity to run the computer.

With this technology, the users can benefit of a renewable fuel that can be refilled. In addition to that, a single cartridge is expected to provide 10 hours of battery life and those 10 hours are most likely not running at full capacity. With all these features around, Lenovo T40 will surely a must Laptop.

polyfuel  methanol fuel cell t40 laptop prototype

via GreenUpgrader

Light Your Path with Solar Deck Light

Forget already about those hard nights you have when walking down on your path or patio. A solar deck light is now available to light up your way, and get rid of those dark and scary nights. The solar deck light has four LED lights installed in four directions, and can light up to five hours which is long enough for the whole night. This solar deck light is easy to install and can be installed anywhere in your yard as long as it can be hit by direct sunlight during daytime to charge up the light. Its almost flat structure makes it unnoticeable and comfortable.

solar deck light

solar deck light

[ProductPage] via HomeTone

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