Bluecar by Pininfarina and Bollore

Eco-friendly cars are now starting to invade the market. Aside from being safe to the environment, users can save a lot of money because they use electric in lieu of the hi-priced gasoline. Joining with some other hybrid car designers are Pininfarina from Italy and Bollore from France who have created the B0 (B Zero) or better known as the Bluecar. It has Lithium-Polymer Batteries and super capacitors and has a mximum sped of 130 km/H electronically. Its batteries are rechargeable in a couple of hour and are ready to provide autonomy of 250 km. In addition, the Blue Car has a very promising look that will surely be an eye turner.

Blue Car

Blue Car

Blue Car

Blue Car

Blue Car

Source: A Criacao


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