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The Watree : An Upside Down Umbrella That Collects Rainwater

Water shortage is already a worldwide threatening problem. This is even a bigger threat than the sky rocketing prices of gas. To address this problem the world is currently facing today, Australian designer Chris Buerckner has designed a water harvesting gadget called the Watree. It is placed in open grounds just like a big shelter and protection from rain. This will not only keep the people dry during the rainy day but will also collects the rainwater, placed it in a tank, and pump it back during summer for use. I find it as the perfect answer for the present water shortage problem that we are facing.

Watree Water Collector

Watree Water Collector

Watree Water Collector

Source: Ecofriend and Tuvie


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1 thought on “The Watree : An Upside Down Umbrella That Collects Rainwater”

  1. This isn’t a very good answer to the water shortage. Since all that water being collected is not being absorbed into the ground water. The whole hydrologic cycle needs rain water to percolate through the ground to recharge the aquifers, so this umbrella would only be a temporary solution…

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