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Urban Furniture Design Bin, Bike Racks By PelizziArchitettura

Designing with no waste is the philosophy of the makers of Urban Furniture Design Bin, Bike Racks byPelizziArchitettura. The process includes punching of the litter stone slabs that generate the elements, which then later reclaimed as bike racks.

The litter stone slabs used in making the bike racks came from a litterbin called POLO, which is originated by the superimposition of various punched stone slabs. A combination of a square and a circles generates the hole shape. A steel frame with openings on both sides containing the stone slabs protects the bin and its content from any atmospheric agents. Within the bin is a second bin made of metal, which can be removed easily because of the easy open external metal frame on top. These features of the bin allow easy waste collection, cleaning and maintenance.

Urban Furniture Design Bin, Bike Racks
Urban Furniture Design Bin, Bike Racks

RUOTOLO on the other hand is the bike rack created from reclaiming the eco-friendly litterbin, POLO. As mentioned above, POLO has the square-circular elements created by punching the stone slabs. Reclaiming it to make a functional and eco-friendly bike rack made possible by putting the stone slabs beside the other connected by a steel bar. The steel bar will then become the rack’s support as it gives stability to the rack against lateral forces whilst becoming a place to lock bicycles.

In 2013, the eco-friendly design was showcased and won second prize during the Italian national competition of ideas, “Enhancement of Local Stones” held by the FENT Group. At present, the group is working out on the commercialization of Urban Furniture Design Bin, Bike Racks.

Urban Furniture Design Bin, Bike Racks
Urban Furniture Design Bin, Bike Racks

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  1. PelizziArchitettura recent concept is very interesting. I think the way they are planning to utilize all waste stuffs into a beneficial deploy is quite amazing. I just love the bike racks project pretty much. It’s nice. Thanks.

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