The iPod Recycling Speaker from Bird Electron

Recycling is a great way of showing that we care for our mother nature. The Bird-Electron EZ17-B iPod Recycling Speaker is just one of the great product wherein a recycled plastic iPod packaging serves as the enclosure for the speaker. In this way, instead of trashing out your iPod case, you can now have it as part of your music listening experience. Just place the speaker panel on top of the open iPod box, plug it in and play your favorite music. It is just that simple, a Very economical and useful idea. It is customizable using any cases of your choice like an empty water bottle.

Self Powered iPod

Self Powered iPod

Self Powered iPod

Source: Audio Cubes and Ecolect


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2 thoughts on “The iPod Recycling Speaker from Bird Electron”

  1. The Recycling speaker system does not require any additional power source; all that’s required is to place the speaker on top of the plastic package, plug in and play. It is an elegantly simple device that can even be tailored to custom designs using water bottles or other small containers for speakers.

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