The Bottle Made Of Algae Allows You To Enjoy Your Soda In An Eco-friendly Way

Plastic is known to be one of the huge contributors to our landfills. Good thing that more and more designer, manufacturers, and more continue to look for ways on how to enjoy life without harming the environment. The Bottle is just a few of the examples. Designed by Francois Azambourg and Donald Ingber, the Bottle is an eco-friendly plastic soda bottle made from algae. The Bottle has a covering that has the ability to wrap itself around the liquid and hardens in the form of a tear-drop shaped vessel after it was soaked in a sodium chloride bath. This innovative product will surely minimize the problem with plastics in our landfills.

The Bottle

The Bottle

The Bottle

Source: Francois Azambourg via Crisp Green


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  • Nicely done

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