Bionic Arch Is A Sustainable Tower In Taipei, Taiwan

As part of raising awareness for climate change, Taiwan now has the new landmark of sustainability with the presence of the Bionic Arch, a sustainable tower in Taipei, Taiwan. The project is hosted and sponsored by the city government of Taichung and boasts of its numerous eco-friendly features making it a sustainable building.

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Bamboo Stirrers: Refreshingly Stylish And Eco-friendly

We have seen so many eco-friendly designs from designers who want to do their part in saving the environment. With sustainable sources, the use of Bamboo is now becoming popular and the Bamboo Stirrers by Chinese manufacturers Bambu. As its name suggests, the stirrers are made of Bamboo. Another added green feature of the stirrers …

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AERO E: Your Wind-energy Powered Phone Charger

We have already heard a lot about solar powered battery charger and any other solar powered device and the like. It is now time for us to diverse and give attention to some other sustainable sources of energy aside from the sun. Wind is another source of energy we can benefit. The windmill is the …

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