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E-vivacity: Peugeot’s Electric Scooter

Eco-friendly transportation means is now becoming widely available with the growing number of carmakers who are now into manufacturing eco-friendly cars. Peugeot joins with other carmakers and will soon present to its consumers its new and advanced electric scooter called e e-Vivacity. Unlike the previous electric scooter that Peugeot had, which nickel-cadmium batteries power, the …

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Th!nk Ox, Think Green!

Green cars can now be seen everywhere around the globe. It’s like almost everybody has designed their own version of eco friendly cars, just like what Sacndinavia did. They have created Think Ox, a family car, wherein 95 percent of its interior materials are recyclable. This energy saver car has solar panels on the top, …

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I-station U7 Supports Eco-Driving Mode

Driving add up CO2 emission, that is why car makers produces eco-friendly cars like the hybrid ones. This is now very common and normal. However, who would think that somebody someday, an eco-driving navigation would be created? Yes! An eco-driving navigation now exists and is soon to be launched by digital-cube. The I-station U7 is …

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