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Boxcycles: A Classic Earth-friendly Bike

Biking has been a long time known zero-emission transportation tool. Today, we rarely see people on their classic bicycle designs for transportation purposes. People with bikes nowadays are aimed to satisfy their sports adventure desire, cycling or mountain biking. The Boxcycles is a classic earth-friendly bike but with an uncompromised quality. The Boxcycles will allow you to take your child to the park, market, and wherever you want in a safe manner with its e-coated alloy frame, front disc and rear coaster breaks and 9mm marine ply box with rain cover made of nylon and acrylic making you feel safe for your kid and the environment at all time. Other than you kids, you can put your stuffs in the box when biking to your destination making it your eco-friendly wagon and enjoy comfortable travel whilst feeling guilt-free when talking about carbon emission. Instead, feel great about doing something good for the environment and to your fellowmen’s health.



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Crème Cycles: Your Source Of Classic Yet Modern Bicycles

Cycling is fun and healthy for our body and to the environment. Bicycle designs evolve overtime and today more of the bicycles have designs extremely different to the classic ones, which made cycling hard and complicated. If you are into classic bike designs, then you surely would love to have a look with the classic yet stylish design of Crème Cycles. Crème Cycles are stylish enough for daily use with carrying the classic sleek design of older bicycle versions. Girls and boys alike who are even in their elegant suits can ride their bike in style. With the help of Crème Cycles, promoting clean air now made easy.

Creme Cycles

Creme Cycles

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