Packed: Digitally Designed Eco-friendly Cardboard Pavilion

We all know that cardboard is an eco-friendly source of materials. You do a lot of things from cardboard and this include furniture pieces, art pieces, home decors, and even architecture. The packed cardboard pavilion is one of the great examples. Designed by students from ETH Zurich, Switzerland, Packed is the output of Min-Chieh, Dominik …

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Outdoors Recycle Sports

Beautiful Eco-friendly Art Pieces

Love sports particularly skateboarding and art at the same time? Then you surely would love to take a look on the wonderful creation of Haroshi. Out of used and broken skateboards, Haroshi was able to create beautiful art pieces and the Screaming my hand is just one of the many examples. Instead of throwing your …

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Design and Concept

Color Picker By Jinsun Park

If you are getting tired carrying various pens with different colors, this new ecological color picker is the right pen for you. This can still be a concept, but I cannot wait to see it rocking our colorful world anytime soon. With the color picker, we don’t need to carry different pens of different color. …

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