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Solar Powered Ship from NYK Line and Nippon Oil

Two of Japan’s Leading companies the NYK Line (Nippon Yusen Kaisha) and the Nippon Oil Corporation joint forces in designing a ship that will be partially powered by solar energy. These companies said that the solar panels they are about to place in this 60,000 Toyota Motors Corporation car carrier ship is capable of generating 40 kilowatts of electricity. These solar panels are aimed to save up to 6.5 percent of fuel oil, and would help cut off CO2 emission of about one to two percent or about 20 tons per year. The two companies are aiming to commercialize the system fully in the next three to five years.

world first solar powered ship

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5 thoughts on “Solar Powered Ship from NYK Line and Nippon Oil”

  1. Liar! That is totally photoshopped. You have like three pictures of an aircraft carrier on top of each other with a few wind turbines and solar pannels.

  2. Not to mention the clouds to the right and the waves behind seen to the left are also photochopped into a triple view.

  3. wind turbines are absurd on a moving object. drag will be greater than energy produced… a monkey thought that up

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