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Reclaimed Wood USA Wall Art for Proud U.S. Citizens

Are you a proud U.S citizen? Do you love United States of America so much? You can proudly hang this reclaimed wood USA Wall Art in your home. It’s a map of United States that tells beautiful stories.

This wall art is also a beautiful gift for home owners who love traveling to different states. They can customize each part of the map with some accessories as tokens to remember their adventures. As a green conscious person, you can relax knowing that this art piece is made of reclaimed wood sourced from recycling centers, factories, and building sites. It’s a unique sculpture and decoration that features unique layers of paint with different stains and scratches. [Click Here to get more details of this USA Map Wall Art]

Reclaimed Wood USA Wall Art

Each block of Reclaimed Wood USA Wall Art is cut, cleaned, and sealed. Therefore, you can be sure that each item would be unique and vary. Each block is combined with beautiful and colorful work of art, handmade with attention to details so that its beauty and patriotic pride can rise even from discarded materials. [Click Here to get more details of this USA Map Wall Art]


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