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Pile Isle Bamboo Bench: A Sustainable Outdoor Furniture

People are really getting aware of our environment nowadays. More and more designers are into green designs and hopefully more and more consumer will get support these green designs that the designers and manufacturers have. The Pile Isle Bamboo Bench by designer Elena Goray is just a few of the green designs that you can enjoy today. I know the bamboo grooves will hurt a bit, but some cushions will do the trick. With the Pile Isle’s design, one can easily move the bench from one place to another by simply rolling the bench, for the pile of bamboo is in a circular form. Will this bench stands still as you lounge? Maybe that small item you can see at the bottom of the bench made the bench stand still.

Pile Isle Bamboo Bench

Pile Isle Bamboo Bench

Pile Isle Bamboo Bench

Pile Isle Bamboo Bench

Source: Elena Goray via Contemporist

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