Nu-Flame Ardore BioFireplace Keeping You Warm With Care To The Environment

We all feel calm and comfortable if we feel warm with the help of fireplaces like the Nu-Flame Ardore BioFireplace especially during winter season. This fireplace is different to those fireplaces you have known because it will not only keep you warm but will also allow you to help save the environment. What makes it an eco-friendly kind of fireplace is the use of bio-ethanol fuel. [CLICK HERE to checkout Nu-Flame Ardore BioFireplace]

Nu-Flame Ardore BioFireplace

In case you are not yet aware, bio-ethanol fuel is a kind or type of fuel or alcohol made of ethanol, a renewable energy. Bio-ethanol is the type of alcohol too you commonly see in alcoholic beverages and is normally used as an additive to gasoline. Other than being eco-friendly, the nu-flame fireplace is also safe to use anywhere in the house. It has a very cute burner with 1.5-liter capacity with the tempered glass that promotes safety. The heavy stainless steel linear burner adds up to the beauty of the fireplace making it not only a warming tool in the house during winter but also a perfect addition to a home’s interior design. Nu-Flame Ardore BioFireplace also features an adjustable dampener making it easy for you in keeping the burner damp at all time for continuous flame with the help of a dampener tool. [CLICK HERE to order Nu-Flame Ardore BioFireplace]


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