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NASA is Planning to Build Solar Powered Satellite

Global Warming issue makes the people getting aware and look for various remedies in caring our nature already. The National Space Society Beno Bova just did it, and has strongly recommends that the next president of the United States should commission a US$1 billion solar powered satellite from NASA before their second term ends. In this way, people can now save from the high prices of gas. The satellite works out by harnessing energy directly from the sun and distributes it back to the receiver on Earth using microwave frequencies. The concept can be old but I think this will really help us from the sky rocketing prices of gas.

solar powered satellite

solar powered satellite

solar powered satellite

Source : WashingtonPost via Gizmag


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1 thought on “NASA is Planning to Build Solar Powered Satellite”

  1. The name is deciving as nerly all if not all of satilites currently in orbit are solar powerd. I beleve that a beter name wold be
    NASA is Planning to Build Solar Powere relay or somthing actualy mine is bad as well but is more correct.

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