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Mini Retro Bullet Planter : Modern Planter to Complete Your Contemporary Decor

If you are looking for contemporary aluminum plant pots, we have a great offer for you: Hip Haven Mini Retro Bullet Planter. Aluminum keeps the pot strong and also helps the manufacturers to add customized color effects, which can’t be applied easily on ordinary plant pots. It’s the mini version of the popular Retro Bullet, this pot is available in four colors, namely, Olive, Orange, Turquoise and White.

Nowadays, people are looking for modern designs for interior decoration. Keeping plants inside or outside your home is always delightful, in sense of beauty and a healthier ecosystem. In order to not to make places messy, people are choosing water proof materials based plant pots inside and outside their homes. This pot features a retro bullet design, based on an existing design of 20th century, merged with modern styling, to add perfect modern look to the product.

Mini Retro Bullet Planter by Hip Haven

Mini Retro Bullet Planter by Hip Haven

The product comes with a steel stand, powder coated with black color, making the product looks attractive. The spun aluminum plant pot is also powder coated, to make it look more beautiful and attractive. There’s a drainage hole too, to make sure that fresh water is regularly added to the mud, it is also deep enough to allow some roots to grow. It can be used for indoor and outdoor plant and is easy to carry because it’s much lighter in weight as compared to ceramic, metal, or clay flowerpots. Mini Retro Bullet Planter is suitable for plant growth up to 6 inches. Overall height of the product is 9.25 inches. It is 9 meters in diameter.

The stand is in tripod design, to make sure that the bowl is steady in its place. This bowl can be placed anywhere to add beautiful effects to your home’s indoor and outdoor interiors. You can be as creative as you can when it comes to right placement of the product. [CLICK HERE to get more details about Mini Retro Bullet Planter]

Mini Retro Bullet Planter by Hip Haven


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