Solar Energy

Lux: A Green And Fashionable Necklace

Eco-friendly and fashionable at the same time is what the Lux necklace can provide. Designeed by Konstfack student Mae Yokoyama, Lux is a necklace of solar panels that gathers and stores the sun’s energy during daytime. The stored energy will now be used to light up the attached LED bulbs in the necklace giving the Lux a glimmering and dazzling pearl look. If you are an eco person and wanted to have four hours of dazzling necklace at night, Lux is perfect for you. With just a tow-hour charging time, you can already enjoy a four hours of dazzling LED lighted necklace.

Lux Solar Panel Necklace

Lux Solar Panel Necklace

Lux Solar Panel Necklace

Source: Dvice


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