Live The Green Life By Recycling Your Liners And Pads

Its sounds weird and funny, but what the title says is very possible and it is now actually existing in the form of a washable menstrual pad from 4Periods. The first time I read the submission, I cannot help but laugh. However, as I read along, I suddenly remember my childhood days when my mom and sib did the same thing. My mom use to cut some old cotton shirts and fold it into a size that will perfectly fit into the user’s panty. 4periods’ washable liners and pads come in different lovely colors, breathable and absorbent, and most of all recyclable, which will drastically reduce wastes and eventually landfills.

4Periods Washable Pads and Liners

4Periods Washable Pads and Liners

4Periods Washable Pads and Liners

Source: 4Periods


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