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Let your Kids Enjoy Nature with the Kiddimoto Wooden Balance Bikes

Kiddy Bikes are commonly to be made of plastic, however, the kiddimoto bikes made a difference. This cute and fun kiddy bikes are made of wood and is of different designs that will surely be a perfect toys for kids of all ages. These eco-friendly bikes are made from natural birch plywood. It is highly recommended for kids ages 2-6. However, the Wheelybugs is the design that will perfectly fit for kids starting one year old. With these wonderful toys, you will not only let your kids become eco-friendly but will also, you let them enjoy nature through their toys and playing outside and learn new things at the same time.

Kiddimoto Bike

Kiddimoto Bike

Kiddimoto Bike

Kiddimoto Bike

Kiddimoto Bike

Source: Kiddi Moto


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2 thoughts on “Let your Kids Enjoy Nature with the Kiddimoto Wooden Balance Bikes”

  1. The kiddimoto looks nice, by experience it looks dangerous for the children for 2/5 years, especially the construction. Look at the KOKUA or the BUGABIKE, they are completely different, pure design. If i need to buy one, i think about the security of the children…

  2. Kiddimoto is very cool – especially the new Scooter and Chopper bikes they’ve just launched. My kids love them as they look they real bikes. They’re also really hardy, my nephew has had one for 4 years that he has sadly grown out of and has passed on to his little sister. I can’t understand how you can class them as being dangerous for 2/5 years then claim the boring looking BUGABIKE and KOKUA LikeABIke are safe (very dull and identical looking!). Get your kids on a Kiddimoto, they’ll love it!

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