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How to know if your Van is Fuel Efficient?

With prices of fuel fluctuating without much notice and the importance of ensuring that you are looking after the planet as you go about your days, we have put together some top tips for ensuring that your van is running as efficiently as possible. Not only will this help you act in an eco-friendly way but it will also mean that you save money in terms of your fuel bill too.

One of the first things you can do to ensure that your van is running efficiently is that your tires are inflated properly. Under or over inflated tires will mean that you use more fuel than necessary but the correct pressure tires could reduce your consumption by 3%. It is important to remember that your tires will lose on average around 1 PSI per month and even more during the winter months due to heat changes in the air which cause thermal contraction. As a result it is recommended that you check your tire pressure at least monthly but preferably every two weeks. Not only will it help reduce your fuel consumption but it will also help reduce uneven wear on the tread of your tires. There are number of places where you can check the pressure of your tires including air compressors at petrol stations.

How to know if your Van is Fuel Efficient?

Having your engine tuned regularly will not only maximize the power of your van but it will also enhance the fuel efficiency too. Ensure that measuring for the power of a vehicle.

Another thing to watch out for is the condition of your engine filter. This is because if it is dirty and clogged then your fuel efficiency will be reduced and it can also cause your engine to stall whilst you are sitting at traffic lights, for example. Imagine yourself mowing dusty grass for example; the same thing happens to your engine filter when you drive along dusty roads.

Your fuel filter will also need to be changed. You should check the manual that came with your van and ensure that it is changed at the recommended times as this will really help when it comes to improving your fuel consumption.

Whilst it is likely that your van will be carrying a load most of the time you are driving it, try and purchase the lightest vehicle you can and only have as much contents in the van that you actually need. This is because heavier vehicles often use up more fuel. If there are seats you don’t use you can have them removed. When it comes to stop and start driving then the weight of your van is one of the most crucial factors. Weight doesn’t matter so much when you are driving on the motorway because once you have reached your top speed the vehicle is just using fuel to sustain this.

When it comes to filling up your tank the most efficient way of doing so is just to fill up halfway. This is so you don’t add too much weight to the vehicle. It is also a good idea to keep the tank above one quarter full if you can because if it is too low then this could put stress on the fuel pump.


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