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Eco By Cosentino Green Countertops

Eco-friendly products seem to be never ending these days. If you have not heard of an eco friendly countertop before then you will read it here from us. Eco by Cosentino Green Countertops is obviously a countertop. But the wonderful twist is, this elegant and eye catching countertop is made from salvaged mirrors, window and bottle glass, porcelain from home products, industrial furnace residuals from factories, stone crap and a proprietary bond that contains corn oil resin of about 22 percent. This just simply means that ECO is made from recycled materials, thus has low impact on the environment. Available in ten colors, ECO also looks astoundingly great.

Eco by Cosentino

Eco by Cosentino

Eco by Cosentino

Eco by Cosentino

Source: Eco by Cosentino via Jetson Green


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7 thoughts on “Eco By Cosentino Green Countertops”

  1. Eco is made in Spain. There are several recycled glass countertops that upcycle good ol American waste glass right here in the U.S. We need jobs here so I say let’s buy what’s made here from our waste rather than importing another country’s waste. And many of the recycled glass products here don’t contain any resin, corn or otherwise.

  2. Well stated, why would we bring Spains trash to the US or Canada? We need to be concerned with our landfills and the inovative uses of trash. This concept was not deveoled by Cosetino and Lowes should not consider the distribution of this product.
    The products made in the US are Urbanslabs (Daltile), Vetrazzo, Icestone, Bottlestone and Squack Mountain .
    They are all Portland cement based and made with post consumer glass.

  3. We just recently purchased the Terra Eco Countertop from Cosentino. Beautiful countertop and based our cabinets and backsplash on the countertops. Day after installation, we started noticing numerous scratches and divots in the countertop. They tried to come out and fix them and were unable to. This countertop was more expensive than any other surface and ended up costing us alot as we had to return it. Luckily the place we purchased the countertop was great and recognized the product was poor. Maybe it will get better once they figure out their manufacturing process is not resulting in a quality product. I would absolutely stay away from ECO by Cosentino until you see a significant number of good reviews that state they have had the countertop for 1 or 2 + years without any issues. I called the company itself and they stated it was an installation issue which I dont believe as the countertop scratches with normal use (and no – we dont cut our food directly on the countertop). I dont want anyone to go through what we have.

    1. We just got our countertops about 2 weeks ago and just today I notice a deep scratch and in another spot pitting. I thought that maybe it was from my keys but then I took a sample piece and tried scratching it with my keys and then 2 different knives and nothing. I am waiting to hear from the fabricator and Loews. I wish I saw your post before I bought them! I think the "defects" may have been there the whole time but it's only noticeable in certain light. It was so obvious to everyone in the room and then I looked for it later and it took awhile to find. I'll keep everyone posted

    2. hi Scott, just about to place an order with Eco Cosentino for the white diamond colour, but now i am so worried and think i need to do some more research before i do so, really glad of your review, can i ask what colour worktop you had? kind Regards jo smith

  4. I am always suspicious when I see a product claiming how green it is. Consumers need to learn to read between the lines and ask questions. “…made from … a proprietary bond that contains corn oil resin of about 22 percent.” What about the other 78% of the resin??? Isn’t resin a fancy name for plastic? The Eco looks like plastic and feels like plastic. How green is that? If it is so green, why does it not have a Cradle to Cradle Gold rating?

  5. I put ECO in my new house and love it. DHM, If you dig into the ECO top, you will see that is by far the "greenest" top on the market. It does have a Silver Cradle to Cradle certification. Not gold because it shipped from Spain and of course there are fuel considerations with that. Still, I went with a ton of "green" materials in my new house and definitely understand the need to look beyond the "green" proclamation made by many companies.

    I have had the ECO top for about 6 months and it seems to be fine to this point. I had granite in my last house which we all know is extremely bad for the envrionment (deforestation) but this countertop has performed equally to the granite except that this top I do not have to seal it and can use any typical household cleaners.

    I put in White Diamond. It is beautiful. Also, good price for as green as the product is. Hope this helps…

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