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Eco-Bin: Holding Your Trash Sustainably

If we can get rid of plastic shopping or grocery bag, let us just find some other ways to have it useful in a more eco-friendly way. Recycling them can be one of the best things to do. The Eco-bin is a green design from a Filipino designer Stephen Reon Francisco. This eco-design will work best if collaborated with your plastic shopping and grocery bags and reused as a garbage bag. The bin is stackable and is available in many different colors. Using this bin is effortless; as you only have to insert the plastic bag, install it to keep in place with the help of the slits in the bin. When the bag is full, simply pull it off and discard when your garbage truck arrives.

Eco Bin

Source: Stephen Reon Francisco


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5 thoughts on “Eco-Bin: Holding Your Trash Sustainably”

  1. This is designed by a Filipino industrial designer Stephen Reon Francisco, I knew him when he was working in Subic, Philippines. He loves Green Design!!!

  2. This is a good concept except you designed it in plastic! The challenge is to design in something not made from oil. Plastic does not breakdown.

  3. I hate to say this, but this product is redundant, you could just buy any cheap plastic bin and put a plastic shopping bag inside, just roll the handles/top of the bag over the rim of the bin itself. My family has been doing it for decades. Not saying this to be a troll, just that you really don't need a specially designed product. Also, let's say you don't have any shopping bags, you can still use your plastic bin for garbage, where as this would 'leak'.

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