Ec-o Bench: A Seating Solution That Grows Plants

Seating solution is public spaces will not only a simple seating system but will also soon be an eco-friendly seating solution in public places. The Ec-O Bench is a seating system designed to have thin solar films that are responsible of collection sun-rays to generate electricity for the lighting needs of the said bench. The bench has four lighting channels, making it an ideal and safe place to stay during nighttime. In addition, the bench also has the rainwater collector and filter system designed for the use of plant growth. With these features, public seating in the future will not only be good tool for relaxation but also a good tool in helping save the environment.

Ec-O Bench

Ec-O Bench

Ec-O Bench

Ec-O Bench

Ec-O Bench

Ec-O Bench

Ec-O Bench

Source: EcO-Bench


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  • very clever and innovative. In addition this project is beautiful

  • seating for ONE!!! but it sure looks cool

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