Cottage in a Day by Michael Fitzhugh

Cottage in a day is another prefabricated and eco-friendly house designed by architect Michael Fitzhugh. The house has a rustic look but has a modern and elegantly designed. Each modules of the house are 14-square foot each, which made it easy to assemble into different set-ups. With the feature the Cottage in a Day has, it is now very easy and possible to create a good shelter on weekends during family outing or you can even have it as your permanent house in rural areas. The best feature of this house is that, its window and flooring is made of bamboo that made it an eco-friendly one.

Cottage in a Day

Cottage in a Day

Cottage in a Day

Cottage in a Day

Cottage in a Day

Source: Michael Fitzhugh via Inhabitat


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4 thoughts on “Cottage in a Day by Michael Fitzhugh”

  1. Thanks for writing about Cottage in a Day on your blog. We certainly
    appreciate the attention to all of our hard work. In an effort to keep
    the record straight, Cottage in a Day is a business that hired architect
    Michael Fitzhugh “to draw” a previously determined design, arrived at
    through focus groups, design salons, and transportation limitations.
    While Michael is a talented young architect, which is why we selected him to be part of the team, he did not design the Cottage in a Day concept.
    Thanks. And keep watching us.
    Best regards.

    Sarah Bearup-Neal
    Cottage in a Day
    Communications Associate
    [email protected]

  2. I had a chance to recently tour the Cottage in a Day facility. The process of building these cottages seemed very comprehensive, and follows ‘no waste’ philosophies. All material waste is sorted for recycling or sent out locally for reuse. The cutout for the wall plaque is even used to produce a key chain. It was obvious a lot of thought and design has been put into this product—I was thoroughly impressed!

  3. I have seen these first-hand, and I have to say the potential behind the units is huge. Part of my graduate research focuses on green residential prefab, and this is one of the most comprehensive ideas I’ve seen. A lot of value in this product.

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