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Be Eco-friendly Make Compost Using The Bamboo Ecological Compost Kitchen Pail

Composting our kitchen trimmings and scraps at home with the help from Bamboo Ecological Compost Kitchen Pail is surely a good way to reduce waste and minimize landfill. Obviously, the pail is where we put our waste and use the compost for future use like as a fertilizer for our garden or donate it to the eco-waste management department of the government. [Click here to get more details about Bamboo Ecological Compost Kitchen Pail]

Bamboo Ecological Compost Kitchen Pail

This sustainable compost pail is just enough to be in your countertop for easy access as you place your waste. Its ability to recycle waste is not the only reason why this pail is considered eco-friendly. Other eco-friendly feature of this compost pail has is in the use of Bamboo as its main material. It has been widely known that bamboo is a sustainable source of material. It grows fast making it easy to replenish the harvested bamboo in a short period. The pail has the ability to hold up to 3.5 quarts or 3 liters of waste, which is about several days of kitchen trimmings and scraps.

In addition, bamboo is a sturdy material, so this pail will definitely last longer. The look is not awkward too because bamboo is not only sturdy and long lasting but also, it looks great and matches easily with any of your home or kitchen furniture and decors. Measuring 10 inches in height and 7 inches in diameter, the Bamboo Ecological Compost Kitchen Pail will not harm your elegant kitchen interior design. [Click here to checkout a great deal when you buy Bamboo Ecological Compost Kitchen Pail]


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