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Amazing Eco Lights From Lisa Foo and Su Sim

PET bottle is now widespread container for our drinks like water, soda, juice, and more. After we emptied those PET bottles, they are then destined to be an addition to the landfills we have, which is obviously not a good idea for the environment. Preventing this incident to happen, designers Lisa Foo and Su Sim created an amazing and stylish lamps made from recycled PET bottles. The lights come in attractive design and eye-catching colors, making it a perfect lighting system for outdoor parks and plazas. If you want to personally witness these lights as they glow and illuminate, you can do it by giving Malaysia a visit where the designers displays their eco-friendly masterpieces.

Recycled PET Bottle Light

Recycled PET Bottle Light

Recycled PET Bottle Light

Source: via Yanko Design


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