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Affordable Solar Panels Will Soon Be Available For Household Use

Everybody knows that solar panels are one of the best sources of green energy. However, not all can afford it. Since the most wasted part of the house, researchers from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory have unveiled a new breed of flexible and moisture resistant solar panels that will work out as an energy generating roof tiles. When this product will already be available in the market, many of us will only save on lots of money on our energy use and of the environment for a zero carbon environment. I am sure many of us are already on the lookout for the fruition of these solar panels.

Solar Cell Roof

Solar Cell Roof

Source: Pacific Northwest National Laoratory via Inhabitat


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2 thoughts on “Affordable Solar Panels Will Soon Be Available For Household Use”

  1. I agree, but we all need to realise that adding Solar on their property is an asset which could raise the longer term value of their residence if / when they choose to sell. With the environment the way it is going we simply cannot underestimate any product that offers zero cost energy at no cost to both the customer and more significantly the world!

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