Woody Bamboo Flash Drive with EcoBox

Green ideas are now becoming one of the first thing designers took into consideration. We always want to go extra mile away to contribute in keeping our community green. To all of those who want to have a green contribution might take this Woody Bamboo flash drive into consideration. Comes in 128mb up to 8 gig of storage and all are made from bamboo aside from the technical parts. The drive also comes with a storage box and a sling for you to comfortably have it in worn in you neck. Also perfect as corporate giveaways since logos can be printed on it.

usb stick woody bamboo

usb stick woody bamboo

[ProductPage] via OhGizmo


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  • I WANT ONE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Where do I buy one and how much is the question thats hitting me like a bamboo pole to the face

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