Valor: Large And Stylish Duffel Bag For An Eco-friendly Overnight

Love to have an overnight stay in a friend’s place or in a heartwarming and relaxing resort whilst keeping the environment safe? Then put all your belongings in a duffel bag that is handmade and made from used firefighter’s coat. These coats are retired and supposed to be destined to landfill, which will obviously add up to the mountains of landfill that we already have. However, with the ecological initiative of cleverscene, these coats turns out to be one of your stylish duffel bags to carry every time you travel. Each bag has the jacket’s original cargo pockets, snaps, buckles, and liner. Hand carry straps are added for the users to wear the bag over his or her shoulder and a removable strap if they want it as their huge yet fashionable cross-body bag.

Valor Duffel Bag

Valor Duffel Bag

Valor Duffel Bag

Valor Duffel Bag

Valor Duffel Bag



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