Thermal Torch by Gunnar Kramp

Aiming to reduce CO2 emmissions, designer Gunnar Kramp has created the Thermal Torch. We all know that buildings with poor thermal insulation cause a massive waste of energy. Since, this problem are usually invisible to the human eye, thermal cameras are created. However, the innovative Thermal Torch works both. It has the ability to work as a thermal camera through its hand sized projectors. By just panning the thermal torch over your wall or window pain, it will immediately project a thermal image on the spot where lack of thermal insulation is detected. The thermal torch can be easily operated that even a non-professional ca does it.

Thermal Torch

Thermal Torch

Source: Core77


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  • Is the Thermal Torch in production and if it is where can I buy one?

    What is the price.

    Dieter Groneberg

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