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Solar Windows: Sustainable Energy Within Reach

With the skyrocketing electricity prices and with the aim to help save the environment, looking for some ways to save energy is now everybody’s concern. We have heard a lot about installing solar panels on roofs to collect solar power that supports the electricity need of a certain house. Today, collecting the sustainable solar energy is already within reach with the Solar Windows from Hua Qin. Unveiled at Taipei’s International Optaelectronics Week, these solar window panes comes in slightly hazy to super hazy opacities and the more opaque the window is the more energy it produces.

Not sure though when to hit the market, surely many of the environment friendly individuals are now on the lookout of its availability as these window panes can replaces those office and residential window panes available in the market today. Hope this solar windowpane comes affordable enough so that consumers from different lifestyles will have the chance to avail it.

Solar Windows

Solar Windows

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The Power Saving Keyboard

BSKW1SB is a solar powered wireless keyboard introduced in Japan just a while ago. It will be available in the market by mid-July for ¥13,775. Functions just like the normal wireless keyboards but will require batteries no more will sure make you say goodbye to your old keyboards. This will surely be a hit for people of today’s generation are always looking for an effective ways to save energy and of course to have a green way of living. However, this cute new keyboard will also runs in batteries just in case you needed to. I hope this keyboard will be available soon internationally, coz I want to have one.

solar powered keyboard

solar powered keyboard

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