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Eco-Bath: A Bathroom Fixture Design That Will Recycle Water

It is important that we know how to recycle water because of the growing number of water scarcity case worldwide. More and more country are having problems of lack of water. The Eco-bath is a great design that will help us recycle water we use in our bathroom from washing our face, brushing our teeth, hand washing and the like. The Eco-bath has the sink that is connected to the water tank that stores water used in flushing the toilet. With this product, there will be less if not no more water thrown after a single use. This will not only help us save water but money as well, for our water consumption will lower down a bit.



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Circa 2020 by Fernanda Villanueva and Arturo Ariño

Washing machines generally consume large amount of water, and nowadays the world is starting to run out of water that is why, designers Fernanda Villanueva and Arturo Ariño designed a washing machine concept called the Circa 2020. A Recycle Laundry Center has three units that functions differently as the washer, the dryer, and the water tank that serves as the filtration system. This system is totally good news especially to places that has a short supply of water. It will not only saves them water but also will give them the chance to wear clean clothes without spending too much of their water supply.

Rec-cycle System

Rec-cycle System

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Aquaduct Mobile Filtration Vehicle Concept

Water is the most important thing in our daily lives. This is what we use to rehydrate and sanitize our self. Today, it seems like we do ran out of water already. Many areas all over the world are experiencing water shortage. That is why the Aquaduct team came out into an idea of creating the Aquaduct Mobile Filtration Vehicle. The mobile carries along with it a large tank and the smaller one called the clean tank. While peddling, the pump attached to the pedal will draw water from the large water tank, passes thru the filter and finally to the clean tank. This process can be while traveling, or while at halt. [Photo Credit : Nicolas Zurcher]

aquaduct mobile filtration

Designer : David Janssens, John Lai, Adam Mack, Brian Mason, Eleanor Morgan and Paul Silberschatz

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