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Knuckles Made From Recycled Porcelain Ware

After our precious porcelain wares are broken, we immediately loss our interest from it and tend to discard and thus, another addition to our landfills. The Knuckles by The Broken Plate will surely show you that even broken pieces can have a new life if you just have the idea how to and have the desire of preserving your beloved broken pieces or simply wants to minimize landfills and eventually help save the environment. The Knuckles are sized similar to the standard brass knuckles. However, the eye-catching knuckles made from recycled China porcelain ware is not intended for actual fight use as it may break.

Porcelain Knuckles

Porcelain Knuckles

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Stay Green on Your Picnic

Picnic is fun, but sometimes our lovely planet don’t think so. Because after beautiful picnic day, you can see a lot of eco unfriendly litter is everywhere, plastic cups, plastic plates, utensils left behind by lazy picnickers. If you are a lazy picnickers, consider to buy bio-degradable picnic ware from firebox. This eco friendly picnic ware is 100 percent made of biodegradable cassava, should you choose to leave your picnic ware, it will disintegrate within a week if left standing in water, or decompose in a few months if left on a compost pile. It even returns natural starch back into the soil.

biodegradeable picnic ware

eco friendly picnic ware

Source : FireBox

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