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Reuse Your Old Skate Decks And Make A Sustainable Skate Bench

Skateboarding is a fun sports and for player’s safety, a regular change of skate decks is needed which will eventually result into a massive growth of landfills if discarded but not if reused and turned into a sustainable skate bench.

Sustainable Skate Bench
Sustainable Skate Bench
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Recycled Skateboard Eyewear: Sustainable And Stylish

Outdoor sports like skateboarding is fun and healthy. We can keep our skateboarding activity more fun and useful if we do it with care to the environment. Recycling skateboards is a very simple act yet will surely do a huge impact to the environment. It will allow us to reduce waste and we can enjoy a clean and fresh air in the near future, that’s for sure. If you want to know what you can do with your old and supposed to be discarded skateboards? Well, the Veurich brothers have their stylish eyewear made of recycled skateboards. With this product, you can have a good feeling of relief for not harming the environment while at the same time enjoying the benefits of being fashionable and trendy with the stylish glasses you can use daily.

Recycled Skateboard Eyewear
Recycled Skateboard Eyewear

Source:Veurich Brothers via Index

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