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The Hansen Family Trunk: Your Great Source Of Modern Yet Eco-friendly Furniture Design

Made from homegrown wood, handmade, yet modern Scandinavian design? Do you find it impossible? We all know that Scandinavian designs are modern and uses top-class first-hand materials. Ugh! You are all wrong according to the Hansen Family. Family members were able to create Scandinavian design furniture sets and are eco-friendly indeed and one of the furniture is The Hansen Family Trunk. Looking at the photo, the trunk is not only contemporary but also functional as well, if you notice the hanger, thus will not only save the trees but a lot of space as well. But hey! What are those yellow and blue colors doing on the trunk? They must have been out of the picture and the trunk would be a perfect tool for any contemporary and eco-friendly room.

The Hansen Family Trunk

Source: The Hansen Family

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