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Unique Root Wood Planter Is Transformed From An Ugly, Left Over Tree Stump

Salvaged from destruction, Root Wood Planter was born out of Fir tree stumps, which are usually left behind after sustainable logging. These tree stumps are usually removed to help accelerate the recovery, but hey, as you can see here, they can be transformed into unique and beautiful planters for your plants. Each one is hand carved by artisans, you won’t get ugly left over tree stumps, instead, you get a beautiful and completely unique piece with different shape and marks, marbling and graining.

It’s a planter that is directly pulled from earth, how cool is that? It can be an attention grabber in any room or a conversation starter among nature lovers. Fill this pot with your favorite flowers, it would look so exquisite in any room, it is not too heavy to carry, we highly recommend that you use it for indoor only. It is not recommend for use with liquids, you need to handwash only with mild soap and wipe it dry. [CLICK HERE to get order information of this Unique Root Wood Planter]

Natural Root Wood Planter

Natural Root Wood Planter

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