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Recyclable Basketball Stadium: Eco-friendly Stadium For 2012 Olympics In London

Mostly of the eco-friendly architecture I have heard are made of recycled materials or have featured different eco-friendly features like solar power, wind mills, and the like. The Recyclable Basketball Stadium is very new to me. I have never heard of a recyclable building ever since, until the birth of the Recyclable Basketball Stadium in London, which just recently had its groundbreaking. Constructed and designed for 2012 Olympic Games, the Basketball Stadium is designed to be deconstructed or recycled, which is obvious a reason enough to call it green architecture. In addition, the building is made of 1,000 tons of recyclable steel.

Recyclable Basketball Stadium in London

Recyclable Basketball Stadium in London

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China Greenpix Zero Energy Gigantic LED Wall

Look at this giant LED display, all of those LEDs are using sun energy which is gathered each day. You can find this giant LED all near the site of the 2008 Olympic Games, the Xicui entertainment complex in Beijing, China.

They plan to turn on and go live this month, it will display various video of installations and performances by various artists. Hopefully the sun keeps shining during that day, otherwise, won’t be able to see any performances.

china zero energy wall

china zero energy wall

Source : PSFK via Dvice

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